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What are the differences between Mark 1 and Anniversary I hear you ask. Well put quite simply the Mark 1 amps although looking the same as an Anniversary and sharing the same Uni-chassis are built on to a printed circuit board. All the Mark 2 amps are hard wired point to point sometimes using better graded components and silver wire in the audio path & larger output transformers. Remember - All of our amps are hand built.

This combination makes for smoother transients, better signal handling and tighter response curves. There is an audible difference with the Anniversary products, but don’t think for one second the Mark 1 is compromised, Far from it, all of our products are meticulously hand built, using the finest, selected components available

Mk2 Versions are no longer available having been super ceded by the Anniversary models. We now offer Mk1 (printed circuit board versions) and special hard wired point to point Anniversary Editions in black and chrome.

Remember - Your Audion is a Sound Investment

All Audion amplifiers use sophisticated auto biasing so no voltmeters, screw drivers or user maintenance is ever required. Once the tubes have been installed, the amps need to merely be turned on or off. If tubes are due for replacement, they can be simply inserted without any adjustments. Makes tube rolling easier too for enthusiasts.

Audion Sterling Range

sterling pse web large
sterling1aweb sterling plus web large sterling pse web large

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The Sterling provides our entry level power amplifiers. They come in Mk1 and Anniversary versions, The MK1 being based on a printed circuit board, the Anniversary being a bespoke option of better quality components, larger output transformers and point to point hard wiring.

Within the range there are 6 Models available and 2 main tube types with the option of a third.

These models are :-

Sterling Stereo MK1

EL34 - 12 Watts Printed Circuit Board

Sterling Stereo Anniversary

EL34 - 12 Watts (Hard-wired)

Sterling Stereo Plus Mk1

KT88 or KT90 - 18 Watts PCB

Sterling Stereo Plus Anniversary

KT88 or KT90 - 18 Watts (Hard-wired)

Sterling Parallel Single Ended Mono-Block Anniversary

KT88 - 30 Watts (Hard-wired)

Sterling Push/Pull Mono-Block Anniversary

KT88 - 45 Watts (Hard-wired)

"Overall I was very impressed with the quality and construction at the price" -
Haider Bahrani, Hi-Fi World

Yes - Its a great amp
Philip Holmes - Dagogo

"Astonishing reproduction of timbre of certain instruments, like violins, pianos and guitars, sounds divine" - Audio, Portugal

Audion Silver Night Range

sn px25 web sn pse 2a3
sn300bweb large sn pse 1

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The Silver Night is our intermediate range of power amplifiers. It’s also the brand name that put Audion firmly on the map. They come in Mk1 and Anniversary versions, The MK1 being based on a printed circuit board, the Anniversary being a bespoke option of better quality components, larger output transformers and point to point hard wiring.

Within the range are 9 Models with 3 main tube types with the option of the mono-blocks being built with either 300B, PX25 or 2A3 tubes. The latest DUO model can use 300B, 2A3 and Type 45 tubes- the best of all worlds

These models are :-

Silver Night Stereo MK1

300B - 7 Watts Printed Circuit Board

Silver Night Stereo Anniversary

300B - 7 Watts (Hard-wired)

Silver Night Stereo PX25 Anniversary

PX25 - 8 Watts (Hard-wired)

Silver Night Stereo 2A3 Anniversary

2A3 - 3.5 Watts (Hard-wired) Low Noise

Silver Night Parallel Single Ended Mono-Block Anniversary

300B - 15 Watts (hard-wired)

Silver Night Push Pull Anniversary

300B - 21 Watts (Hard-wired)

Silver Night Parallel Single Ended Mono-Block PX25

PX25 - 24 Watts (Hard-wired)

Silver Night Parallel Single Ended Mono-Block 2A3

2A3 - 8 Watts (Hard-wired) Low Noise

Silver Night DUO Anniversary 300B & 2A3 Switchable

300B - 8 Watts & 2A3 - 4 Watts Switchable

"The Silver Night reproduces subtleties with a degree of finesse that eludes most amplifiers at this price" - Jason Kennedy, Hi-Fi Choice

"They've got to be one of the best, if not the best buy around." - Chris Beeching, Hi-Fi News

"Amplifier of the year." - Diapason D'Or, France

A-Rated; "These are truly extraordinary amplifiers." - Sam Tellig, Stereophile Magazine

Golden Night S.C.S.E - 300B, PX25 and 2A3

Golden Night Mono-Block pair 300B

The Golden Night forms part of our High End line-up of power amplifiers. It is only available in hard-wired versions which contain better quality components, larger output transformers and point to point hard wiring. There are now 3 versions in this range .. The tubes being the only difference.

The Audion 300B self cancelling single-ended amplifiers employ pure Class-A circuitry from the input to the output, with two voltage gain stages culminating in a high dynamic driver circuit driving a Self Canceling Single Ended output stage that operates with auto-bias.

Throughout the amplifier, no overall feedback is incorporated which would reduce dynamic headroom. All driver and output stages are running in optimized Class-A utilising advanced phase cancellation circuitry

 Within the range there are 3 main tube types with the option of the mono-blocks being built with either 300B, PX25 or 2A3 tubes. There are many upgrade options available and recommended for this amp, please see our list of upgrades.

Golden Night 300B

300B - 10 Watts Self Cancelling Single Ended

Golden Night PX25

PX25 - 11 Watts Self Cancelling Single Ended

Golden Night 2A3

2A3 - 4 Watts Self Cancelling Single Ended

"One of the best amplifiers I have reviewed for the past year. 10 Watts is enough to drive most of the speakers on the market." - T.K. Chen, Audiophile Hong Kong

"The Golden Nights will certainly convey the magic and music of every performance, and you will enjoy music like you have never before!" - Chris Beeching, Hi-Fi News

Audion Paragon Mono - Block P.S.E.

Paragon PSE Mono-Block Pair

Paragon Mono-Blocks


IN 2010

The Paragon is an unusual amp in as much as it doesn’t use any standard power output tube. Instead it uses 2 banks of four tubes paralleled up to provide a power output of 8 watts. Stemming from a design by Erik Anderssen the Paragon truly is “A model of Excellence!”

The paragon gives phenominal bass extensions and becuase of its circuit topology its very fast, the transients are very transparent. It has a big sound stage for such a reasonably priced amp.

The Paragon is a mono-block pair but for ease of display we have only shown one of these. There are versions available in either Push/Pull or Parallel single ended. There are 2 tube options too.. An inexpensive set or for improved quality NOS (New Old Stock) Jan Philips tubes or even NOS General Electrics.

We strongly recommend you audition this little mono-block pair

There are many upgrade options available and recommended for this amp, please see our list of upgrades. 

A stunning sounding amp, worthy of praise indeed. The bass is very tight and precise, the timbre of response is ultra linear. Novel use of cascaded triodes. I like this very much. The value is extremely good when I compare it to amps of 3 and 4 times the price.”Good on ya boys” James English - HVT Australia

Audion Platinum Hybrid Stereo S.E.

Platinum Hybrid Stereo

Potentially a classic in the making. Our new hybrid, designed by David Chessel and Graeme Holland, The new Platinum Hybrid, takes our classic design Hybrid and goes a step further. Improved circuit topology, giving tighter, more controlled and detailed frequency response. Newly wound output transformers ensure this future classic maintains its valve like characteristics.

“The new chassis allows the tubes to be seen, improves heat dissipation and above all looks fantastic” - Richard Field - Hi-fi Brokers

“If it sounds as good as it looks we’re on to a winner immediately - It sounds better than it looks” Peter Davis - HI-fi Zine - Poland

“At this price it cannot fail to be a winner” Petra Fleischaurer - Hi-fi - Germany

Based on the original Audion Platinum Hybrid (19” Rack mount Chassis) the all new aluminium uni-chassis Platinum measuring just 38 cm deep, 22cm wide and 19cm tall this unit will fit in almost anywhere. With its sleek looks, Chromed top plate and name plaque the looks can only be matched by its classic Audion style.

Due to the improvements we have made in both the circuit design and the way it is designed to look, act and sound like a valve amp in every way shape and form. And if you’re worried about the little ones touching the valves - we even have a cage ready and waiting for you.

Audion Elite 3 Box 845

3 Box Elite 845 - 25 Watt Hard Silver Wired

The Elite 845 3 Box power amplifier is an updated and upgraded version of the Legendary “Black Shadow”.  Whilst keeping the “Black Shadows” features of, speed, precision and phenomenal Bass extensions, the new Elite takes on a new appearance. In our unique anodised aluminium “Uni-Chassis™”, the Elite has been designed to deliver pure Class A power (25 Watts RMS from a single 845 Tube). The Uni-Chassis™ permits the use of larger transformers and power supply capacitors than the previous "classic" versions. It also has the benefits of no magnetic interferance, more robust construction, and larger internal volume for optimized placement and orientation of all circuit components, and optimized routing of all internal wiring, resulting in improved signal to noise ratio, channel separation and crosstalk, frequency response, and distortion over the previous "classic" versions. 

DESIGN GOALS: The primary goal at Audion is to deliver music as close to the originally recorded sounds as can possibly be achieved. This goal is achieved through extensive research of various circuit topologies, together with specially selected components from around the world. This puts Audion at the forefront of vacuum tube audio reproduction, and no compromises have been made that affect the purity of the signal path in any Audion product. 
FAST RISE TIME, PHASE COHERENT EXTENDED FREQUENCY RESPONSE: To provide the fastest transient response possible, solid-state rectification is used, and the design and its implementation ensures phase coherent harmonic structure throughout the frequency spectrum. The 845 output tubes used are well within their specified performance envelope to ensure low distortion and optimum sound quality, as well as extended tube life. 

Audion Black Shadow 845

3 Box Elite 845 - 25 Watt Hard Silver Wired
black shadow pair

Following much demand from our customers Audion have re-launched the legendary Black Shadow 845 mono-block power amplifier Delivering 25 watts in pure Class A.
The new Black Shadow has been upgraded with an extra buffer stage, improved mains and output transformers, slow start HT to protect the valve life and better components - couple that to a large polypropylene capacitor power supply and large bypass and decoupling capacitors you are guaranteed fast and fluid transient response.
The New Black Shadow will be available in 5 levels from Level 5 for the Standard version right up to Level 9 which will have everything wired in solid 5 9's silver wire double insulated in Teflon 1 & 6mm, silver foil in oil signal capacitors, silver WBT nextgen rca's and binding posts, solid silver wound (primary and secondary) output transformers, KR 845 valves, full polyprop power and bias supply in exotic capacitors and more a comparison of which we feel is close or better than amps costing many times more.
The new Black Shadow with stunning looks, awesome power and fantastic control - fluid and transparent is aimed at normal to difficult speaker loads from 86-87 db and up but works equally well with more efficient varieties. As good today as its always been

Golden Dream Mono-Blocks S.C.S.E. 300B & Now in PX25

Golden Dream 300B

Based on a platform of the Golden Night, the Golden Dream is a self cancelling single-ended design, utilising two 300B tubes in parallel configuration per mono-block to produce 25 Wpc into all impedance 4 & 8 ohm.
There are four different levels of refinement in the GD line, designated as Level 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. The Level 5 Golden Dream SCSE (Self-Canceling Single-Ended), while the similarly equipped Level 6 GD is endowed with an output transformer with a silver secondary winding, a choke filtered polypropylene power supply unit, pure silver input wiring and silver signal path throughout. Level 7’s includes silver signal path and Black Gate capacitors in the main unit. Then, the Golden Dream mono-blocks put silver into everything, including the wiring in the power supply unit.  

The “Self-Canceling” topology aims at canceling out second order harmonic distortion inherent in tube amplifiers. The proprietary topology accords superior impedance matching to drive the output tubes slightly harder, yielding two additional watts from each 300B, and inducing transient and bottom-end response “very difficult to find in other amplifiers.” 

Each Level 6 Golden Dream features heavy duty speaker connectors robust enough for larger cables with either banana or spade termination, with separate positive connectors for 4 ohms and 8 ohms applications. Volume adjustment is via a step-less Alps volume knob on the front panel that has no volume marking around the knob, using a notched locator etched on the gold-plated collar to indicate the volume setting.

The Golden Dream’s rendition of “Lacrimosa”, in which the female choir’s vocalization eclipsed even the accompanying strings’ spellbindingly subliminal fiddling with distinct dimensionality and textural impression, conveyed a convincing realism. Dynamic scale of the venue was infused with vocal flamboyancy that conveyed a communion and expansiveness that was at the same time charged with energy and warmth. The exclusive realm of the SET was fully glorified.

Musically, the very energetic and yet resolving Golden Dream/AN-E SEC Silver interface complimented the spectacular DSD-remastered recording with such dynamics, that also lent credibility to the opinion that no other ensemble could’ve mustered the level of perfection as the Berlin Philharmonics did during the von Karajan legacy.

The Golden Dream’s 25 Wpc rating proved to be more than enough for the Tannoy Churchill’s 95 dB/8 Ohm sensitivity. Under such unification, the Tannoy’s 15-inch Dual-Concentric™ method rendered a majestic manifestation of the Berlin Philharmonic’s massive strings, at the same time inducing the delicate layering of the 300B sound, making for an invigorating experience only the Audion/Tannoy union could muster

Constantine Soo (Reviewed the Level 6 Golden Dream) - February 2004 -

Audion Black Night Stereo Remote controlled

Our Newest Powerhouse, The Audion Black Night is hard wired with pure silver in selected parts of the audio path. It is fully integrated with remote control volume, channel change and mute as standard. Delivering 18 pure Class A watts per channel into a 4 or 8 ohm load from 5 channels.

The design is intended to deliver astounding reproduction and fidelity as well as speed, dynamics and precision. Utilising a full polypropylene power supply, which makes the bass incredibly tight, clean and fluid


The Black Night is aimed at the more discerning listener, it is a fusion of the style and sophistication of our legendary Silver Night, using the sheer power associated with our Black Shadow.

The range will eventually consist of three stereo versions, 300B, PX25 and 2A3, and two mono block versions of 300B and PX25. We expect to be in full production during the first quarter of 2008. Metalwork dependent.

“It’s a bit of a rebel”

A.M.P Flux (Advanced Magnetic Propulsion)

Three-box amp solution delivering sonic power and panache, delivering the sonic benefits of full class A design but without the heat and inefficiency. The Flux System 2 is designed for sonic purity from input to output. Internal components are high quality and few in number, creating a more direct path for the audio signal which needs only travel through a single transistor device in the pre-amp and two in the power amp. Hardwiring is used throughout, with no printed circuit boards to be seen, and there is no active voltage gain either - the transistors are used purely for current gain. A transistor AMP with all the characteristics of a valve amp. 50 watts per channel too.

The system consists of a five channel pre-amp with optional MM/MC phono stage and 2 mono-block flux power amplifiers of 50 watts per channel.

Integrated Range

el34 int large kt88 int Silver Night Integrated

All of our stereo amps have the option to have a passive 5 channel pre-amplifier built in at the factory. They all have a tape output as well which allows you to output straight to another source by-passing the internal pot (volume control).

All of our amps feature a passive pre-amp in one form or another. Because all of our amplifiers feature a volume control you can use them on their own directly from a line level source, without the need for a pre-amplifier or another pair of inter-connects or the possible degredation that can cause. Now available with option of remote controlled volume. Just ask when ordering your amplifier.

With our integrated models you can use up to five line level input sources, highest quality source going into channel 1 for example your CD player, input 2 could be your DVD player, input 3 maybe a tuner or even a satellite box etc.

The integrated amp is a highly versatile unit and a good choice for multiple line level sources. Combine it with a phono stage and you have a complete system.


Most of the following upgrades can be applied to all of our power amplifiers at the time of manufacture, but some are available to Audion customers who already have our products.

Although upgrading can be expensive, dramatic improvements can be made to the overall sound of a system. But where do you start? How far do you go? And which upgrades are the best to try first?
We have found that one of the biggest improvements at the cheapest price is hard wiring. This is point-to-point wiring where each component is physically joined to the next without using a PCB, thus giving the absolute best possible path for signals to travel down. Solid silver wiring makes a huge difference too, but I strongly advise avoiding silver plated copper - Its worse than pure copper. Why - the signal travels down a wire, bass through the central core, top end down the outside . This is known as skin effect - if you put silver on top of copper then the higher frequency signals arrive at their destination faster than the low frequency signals as silver is electrically a better conductor than copper. Avoid this at all costs. 

Once this is achieved, you then need to upgrade the signal path wire or the components within it. For the components, the first to be introduced should be the Black Gate capacitors. These capacitors are the best in the world and enhance the signal to noise ratio, lower the harmonic distortion, and sound better in almost every application.

See list below

Next, I would opt for Tantalum resistors which are very low noise floor and a good basis for upgrade. Signal capacitors are a major consideration and will make a huge difference to the sonic reproduction depending on the type you wish to upgrade to. Copper Foils are an excellent solution and require at least 50 hours of burn-in time before they start to settle down and come into their own, but the difference they make can be dramatic. You should also look at the new breeds of Teflon caps available, you can even look at silver foil in oil caps. Silver wire has the best qualities as far as conductors for audio are concerned, and are an excellent upgrade. As far as other upgrades are concerned silver plated plugs and sockets are a good starting point, silver wired transformers are about the best upgrade you can possibly do. Customers who have purchased silver wired transformers from us have been very happy with the results - they work fantastically!. Power supplies too are a good area to look at, the bigger is not necessarily the better, Blackgates are very good (See new notes on Blackgates) , but try removing the electrolytics and replacing with super grade polypropylenes.. The speed increase is dramatic. As an opinion upgrading should be done together as a complementary package.

At the end of the day upgrading can be a difficult decision, and a lot can depend on finances, but consider this; listening pleasure comes as standard with all of our products, so what you do there after can only make it better!

All factory upgraded products come with a certificate of conformity stating the upgrades carried out by us at our factory.

Note - we are currently have a cage that can be retro-fitted to our amplifiers for customers who have young children, or are gererally worried about exposed valves. We also have newly acredited CE approval on some of our products and are working on the rest of our products in the near future. This is not effected by the absence of a cage due to current CE approval that we already have for some of our power amplifiers in the current chassis. We do have a cage available (its ugly and looks like a shopping basket - in my opinion. Graeme Holland 2007) (new one being designed now)



1:).. Hard wiring
2:).. Change Cathode Bias capacitors to BlackGates Level 0
3:).. Change Cathode Bias capacitors to BlackGates Level 1
4:).. Change Power Supply capacitors to BlackGates
5:).. Change Output tube heater supply to BlackGates
6:).. Change Signal capacitors to Copper foil in Oil
7:).. Change Signal capacitors to Teflon in Tin foil(V-cap)- Fantastic!!
8:).. Change Signal capacitors to Silver Foil in oil (Exotic)
9:).. Add Tantalum resistors in signal path
10:).Change volume Pot to Stepped Attenuator (3 Options - ALPS, Goldpoint or (Vishay Dale-My preffered)
11:).Add Silver Input sockets and output binding posts.
12:).Internally wire all signal path in 99.999% pure silver
13:).Internally rewire all other wiring in silver including earths.
14:). Change internal inter-connect from socket to attenuator
15:). And finally change your output transformer to half or fully solid silver wound (huge difference)

There are other options not listed here, you yourself may have ideas for upgrades that we haven’t even thought of, please do feel free to email or call and discuss any of these options with us.