Audion Upgrade Blackgate Capacitor problem

The Black Gate production has stopped in 2006, after 18 years of availability. The capacitors were manufactured by Rubycon under license for Jelmax Co.Ltd. Jelmax Co.Ltd. has closed its doors in August 2007 after selling all their remaining stock.

We at Audion held stocks for the last few years - but our stocks of these are now drying up. This means that we are searching for an audiophile replacement for these capacitors. We will update this page when a suitable alternative has been found.

Obviously we will advise our customers when taking the upgrade path of different options if the value that is required in their wish list is no longer available.

Currently on the smaller tube positions we are substituting Black gates with tantalum or cerafine capacitors but this is just an interim replacement. On the larger power supply capacitors we have changed mainly to polypropylene as we have found for the purpose of power supplies the polypropylene varieties are better. They give faster response and recovery and allow our power supply slew rate incredibly fast.