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This is a new section designed to assist our existing customers sell their cherished amps and for new buyers on a budget to pick up a potential bargain. To sell on here is really easy. For a one off payment of £5.95 payable by paypal to you can submit 2 pictures and your text which will be displayed on this page until you ask us to remove it or one year has passed. If you wish to remain anonymous and for us to handle the sale, and all the shipping make a one off payment of £19.95. We will then advertise, make the sale and include the shipping charge, arrange for collection from you via UPS and delivery to the customer and then send you the proceeds of the sale, informing you during each process via email. Send your adverts to

Pre-owned items for sale

Sterling Plus Mk2 KT88 Stereo Power Amplifier

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On sale Audion Sterling Plus MK2 KT88 stereo, pure class A  hand crafted and hard-wired power amplifier.The Sterling KT88 delivers 2×18 watts with 8 ohm outputs at 240V  AC. Power consumption: 180 Wats. Date of manufacture: August 2007.  The amplifier is in perfect working order with minor useage marks. The owner tested various tubes thus the stock tubes had only about 100 hours use on them.


Contact      £1000.00 GB pounds.              email


Sterling MK1 Push Pull Pure Class A Mono - Blocks

kt90 mk1 pp


kt90 mk1 pp

Audion Sterling Mk1 KT90 mono - block, pure class A Power amplifiers. The Sterling KT90 delivers 40 watts with 8 ohm outputs (they can be wired for 4 ohm if required). The amps are approx. 3 years old. The customer has recently upgraded to Silver Nights and has asked us to check the amps over and sell them on his behalf. The KT90 tubes have been upgraded from the standard KT88 and only have about 200 hours use on them. They test as new in the factory. The amplifiers are in perfect working order with minor useage marks. These are located at the factory in France.

Contact : Audion +33 546043282.      £1450.00 GB pounds.              email :

Ex Demo Mk1 and Mk2 models available now - Contact us for details

snpx25 sml


sn300bweb large

Ex demo Silver Night MK2’s 300B, 2A3 and PX25 in grey chassis coming available now. All are ex review models featured in magazines around the globe. All of these amps are being returned from reviewers and are available now, they may have minor useage marks etc. but will leave here with a full years warranty and new valves/tubes .
We have PX25, 2A3 and 300B Mk2 models now - but hurry they’re going fast and when they’re gone they’re gone.

Contact us for further details

Contact : Audion +33 546043282.      .                                       email :

Platinum Hybrid Integrated Stereo




This Platinum Hybrid has been lovingly owned, but its owner has upgraded his amplifier. It is a hybrid power amplifier having 5 line inputs and can deliver 40 Watts. It is as new in its original box, with UK power lead and instructions. It has been returned to the factory for checking. (All ok) and benefits from being factory re-valved.

Contact : Audion +33 546043282.      £1400.00 GB pounds.              email :

Audion Classic Modified Golden Night Power Amp for sale




This Golden Night 300B has just come back to the factory for servicing before being resold. It benefits from new small tubes CVX120 & CVX100. It has been customer modified with 2 watt tantalum resistors throughout, has all of the audio stage wired in 5 9’s silver and has Blackgate caps in the audio section. It is 240V and comes with its original packaging. Selling on behalf of our client. It is set to be bi-wired 8 ohm, but can be internally changed for 2 or 4 ohms as well. Contact us for your preference.

Contact : Audion +33 546043282.      £1950.00 GB pounds.              email :

2 Box Chessell Reference Line / Phono Pre-amp for sale

cindy front


cindy rear

This Chessell Reference is now for sale. It has been lovingly owned, but is now looking for a new home. It is a 2 box pre-amp, having 4 line inputs and a pluggable MM/MC input. 2 outputs and a tape out. It uses a twin balanced power supply and 6 tubes. Partly silver wired.

Contact : Audion +33 546043282.      £600.00 GB pounds.              email :