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ISE Show Report Amsterdam RAI - 2 - 4 February 2010

ise2010 1
ISE2010 2 ISE2010 3

This was the 7th year for ISE and the first year of our attendance. ISE 2010 was a busy and upbeat event that once again managed to buck the trend and increase its attendance by almost 15% on last year, with 28,489 visitors.
This made a change for us from the normal hi-fi show in as much as ISE has everything Audio/Visual on display. We showed our new Audion TRIO 3 channel power amplifier designed for home cinema use.
The show as said was well attended and gave us a chance to meet and greet many people - some known, others new. It also gave us a chance to get a fell as to how other markets are fairing in the current financial climate. This also allowed us to show our products to potentially a new market and customer base.

Above are pictures of our stand showing the new TRIO power amplifier and Revolvers flat screen loudspeakers - to the left is Charles Greenlees of Revolver talking to Graeme Holland of Audion early on the first day of the show.

London Hi-fi show Heathrow April & September & Now Whittlebury Hall - Silverstone.

September 2009 saw the move from Heathrow’s Park inn to Whittlebury hall in Silverstone.

silverstone1 sml

The Audion Black Night powered the Revolver Screen 3’s to great effect this time. Setup was kept clean and simple to show how music can be heard without breaking the bank.
Recession Busting hifi - maybe!!

silverstone 2 sml
london 091 sml

Again we showed two systems, the Audion Black Night with the Revolver Cygnis and the second system, The Audion Silver NIght PSE with the Revolver Screen 3, flat panel speakers. The room generated a lot of interest and showed what synergy there was between the 2 companies.

To the right. Alan and Robin take a break at the end of day one.

london 092 sml

Here we launched the pre-production Black Night along with Revolver’s Cygnis. We also demo’d our MM phono stage to work with the Revolver Rebel turntable.
Right - Close up of setup.

london 082 sml
london 083 sml

The show was very well attended, we started using the same room as previously - Syndicate Room 11.

You will find us there again & again.

Below is the close up of our pre-production Black Night.
Right - Robin Mackenzie & Graeme Holland take a well earned break

london 084 sml
london 085 sml

From left to Right.
Robin Mackenzie -Audion
Charles Greenlees - Rev.
Michael Jewitt - Revolver
Graeme Holland - Audion
Ronnie England.
Alan Wallace - Audion

This year the show split, we decided to go with the Hi-fi + and Hi-fi World show. Revolver (Our show partners) officially launched their Cygnis loudspeaker, which was very well received by both the press and general public. We showed two systems over the three days, Quattro Silver hard-wired 2 box Pre-amp and Silver Night 300B parallel single ended and alternated with our simple Silver Night PX25 hard-wired stereo.

london06 1 web
london06 2 web

Michael Jewitt of Revolver, shows off his latest design, the 93db efficient Cygnis loudspeaker.

london06 3 web

Our Production Manager, Bruce (Right) yes he’s the Kiwi, and Robin left enjoy a glass (well plastic cup) of our local wine. This is one of the pleasures of having your factory in the wine growing capital of the world.
Come and see us at most European shows and we will be glad to share a glass of wine or two with you!

Paris High End Hi-fi Show 2005

This year we had a good display of our classic lines. On show from left to right was our MC phono stage, The Premier Line level pre-amplifier. Sterling Stereo EL34 Integrated power amplifier, A Silver Night MK2 Stereo 300B power amplifier and our Sterling KT88 Mk2 Stereo power amplifier. These were well received and reviewed by the French Hi-fi press.

We were playing with Audion Elite 3 Box 845 Power amps - Lowther Magavox Hekla Mk1V’s 93db loudspeakers and Cairn Ezo Fog CD player. Cables were Audion Electron, Power, Interconnect and loudspeaker

The show was well attended, being very busy on all days. There was a very good atmosphere, one of heady Parisian spring days. Most big name companies were there. Not only French manufacturers but other Europeans too. In our rooms we had good representation from Lowther, Lowther Magavox, Michell, Revolver, THF France and of course - Audion. We suspect attendance figures were very good and summise there to have been in excess of 10,000 people passed through the show

On a lighter note however, we were amused to see that traffic wardens are the same the world over. Here an unmarked police car has not been spared by the legendary efficiency of Parisian traffic wardens, and you thought it was just your country that had blind traffic wardens. We still managed to convince this traffic warden to visit the show and listen to music as it should be heard. We hasten to add that he visited out of uniform the following day and no other motorists were harmed in the process.

And Finally, those of you who attended the show will no doubt have seen this offering. No names here, but come on chaps .. Bare wires everywhere, copious amounts of insulating tape and signs saying “Ne toucher pas” - DON’T TOUCH.

It sounded pretty terrible but hey! who am I to comment. I was merely bemused by what passes as an exhibit.. Maybe it was meant to be this way. Most countryside french homes are wired the same (I’ve seen enough to verify)
Lets clean up our acts a little though.. GH

Brussels High End Hi-fi Show

High Fidelity Belgium was split between 2 hotels, The Crown Plaza & Courtyard Hotels. We shared the show with both our Luxembourg and Dutch Distributor. Our Luxembourg distributor Romain Wagner of Audio Concept had a very nice display of our amps and pre-amps and had a very busy room on both days of the show. Romain told us of how well accepted Audion has been into the Luxembourg marketplace.

We played on the Saturday with an Audion Silver Night 300B with a line level Premier Pre-amp. It was powered from a ClearAudio turntable into a pair of AvantGarde loudspeakers (Fantastic). The second day (Sunday) we decided to up the competition by using our 3 Box 845 Elite. This really rocked the house. We should have other review reports soon.

Las Vegas CES / T.H.E. Show

DENVER SHOW2 012 sml

Denver & Rocky Mountain Audio fest.

To the Left - CES 2010

To the Right - Gary Alpern & Ray Lombardi of Ray of Sound. Los Angeles

Rocky Mountain Audio Show sml
Gary & ray
vegas06 1 web

This was our first year showing with our new distributor for North America, Ray Lombardi, of Ray of Sound.

After a few power related problems, it appeared that at some stages of the day the power dropped below 100V this caused incident in a few rooms.

The setup however, “Wow” 4 Box silver hard wired Quattro pre-amp and Silver Night 2A3, all of 3.5 watts of power, into Tommy Horning’s Wonder Boxes

vegas06 3 web

The 4 Box Quattro powerhouse pre-amp in all its glory and the Hard wired Silver Night 2A3 stereo. Incredibly quiet noise floor designed specifically for high efficiency speakers

Tommy Horning’s Agathon 98db efficient wonder boxes. These are incredibly easy to drive, unbelievably fast with superb transient response. These were a fantastic match with our 2A3 amp. The bass was stunning, mids and highs incredibly accurate, a real pleasure to work with.

vegas06 2 web

Munich High End Show

We showed with 2 systems in an open plan environment, the aim was to get more people to see the product, rather than trying to get people into a cramped sound room. This worked very well for us as we anticipate that as we had a reasonably prime position at the junction of first hall, we had a lot more people seeing Audion. We were showing, in the front, Silver Night Parallel single ended hard wired mono-block pair and the newly released Revolver Cygnis loudspeakers. These speakers were specifically designed to work with our amps. They do this very well.
At the rear we were playing a continuous slideshow through our 3 box Elite and Quattro world class pre-amp. They played into the Revolver RW45’s again with great success. 

munich1 web
munich2 web

Our “rear system” was the 3 Box Elite 845 coupled to a 2 box Quattro MC/Line all silver hard-wired pre-amp. Linked to the highly successful Revolver RW45’s - Fabulous

munich3 web

Finally, 3 wise monkeys, No. From left to right Michael Jewitt, Revolvers Senior designer, Middle, Chris, a discerning listener and Charles Greenlees Revolver’s Front man.
Following our decision to take Revolver as our show partner it looks like great things are flourishing. This was an impromptu listening session just after the main doors had closed.