Audion New Products - TRIO - 3 Channel Power Amp

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The Audion TRIO has been designed primarily for the 2 channel user who wants to add a home cinema setup to his/her system without compromising their current system in any way. The three channel TRIO amplifier is designed to add centre and rear two channels to an existing system to give a 5.1 system or by adding 2 x Audion TRIO amplifiers giving a full 6 channels for a 7.1 surround sound system.

With 3 seperate volume controls setup is a cinch - easy and uncompromised.

Aimed for launch soon - Pre order your TRIO now! 

5-1 surround sml

The Audion Trio has been designed as a 3 channel triple mono amplifier, using 6 x EL34 tubes running in pure Class A push/pull configuration. The Audion TRIO measures just 44cm x 44cm x 18cm tall, meaning that it should easily fit into your system.

There is a safety cage fitted as standard with this amp to protect the tubes and young ones fingers

7-1 surround sml

7.1 Home cinema is currently considered to be the best sound available and with 2 Audion TRIO’s powering your speakers - the best just got better. High end, high definition amplification for your high def. world.

We believe that high definition should be for your ears as well as your eyes.


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