RoHS & Weee Directives & Audion

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In line with EU Directive of July 2006 we at Audion are doing everything we can to protect the environment and adhere to the waste and the reduction of the use of hazardous products in our amps.

To comply with RoHS regulations we have stopped using any lead in our products. We have started using RoHS compliant components and are changing our construction methods to make our products more environmentally sound.

The Weee Directive is based on EU Directive 95 (waste electrical and electronic equipment directive). In order to satisfy this we are asking that all old non - functioning Audion amplifiers and pre-amplifiers (whatever their condition) are returned (we will pay the postage) to a central repository within your country for correct recycling and disposal of all potentially hazardous materials contained within your old amplifier or pre-amplifier.

For example, with the Audion Classic range Chrome and gold panels can be recycled, as can the raw metal from the chasss and transfomers.. The copper wire too is recyclable.

Please contact Audion to arrange collection of your old or redundant product for recycling.  

As from 1st April 2007 all of our products will carry the Weee and RoHS stickers of compliance.

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